427 S. Marengo Ave. #5, Pasadena, CA 91101
Employed and Supervised by Chris Tickner, LMFT, #42576
Holistic. wellness. balance. awareness. 

Meet Sara Kang

I am passionate about helping my clients

create more balance and joy in their lives.
My hope as your therapist is to guide you towards

increased self-awareness, vibrant emotional wellness,

and mental clarity.




My therapeutic approach is holistic, relational, and psychoanalytic. I draw wisdom from both Western psychological theory and Eastern traditions of spirituality.


In therapy, we shed light on the unconscious. We explore your your past and how it is affecting your present. We also take time to explore your dreams and goals for the future.


By practicing and developing self-awareness, we create a more joyful and balanced life. By cultivating emotional wellness, your emotions (bad and good) become a source of growth and vitality. Your emotions are no longer something to follow blindly or suppress completely. We can then open ourselves up to a more authentic and peaceful way of living.